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Audition (general) requirements

**Auditions - OMWPA**
1) The auditions are to select students to participate in OMWPA.
2) The minimum standard is Grade 7 ABRSM or equivalent and above.
3) Candidates must prepare a minimum of three musical works.
4) Candidates may also prepare a fourth musical work, but this is optional.
5) Candidates must make sure that all of these musical periods are represented in their audition programme: 1) Baroque, 2) Classical, 3) Romantic
6) Candidates may also prepare an optional fourth musical work - Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionist, Contemporary or Jazz periods all accepted.
7) A movement from a multi-movement musical work will be accepted as one of the musical work.
8) The maximum duration for the audition programme is 30 minutes in total.
9) Candidates are not required to fully memorize their audition programme. 
10) The results of the audition will be sent out via e-mail to all the candidates.
11) Upon receipt of a successful result, the successful candidate should reply confirming acceptance of the result.

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