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Opening Letter

Dear Students,

Your interest in wishing to attend the Overseas Masters Winter Piano Academy (OMWPA) at the Yehudi Menuhin School this coming December is greatly appreciated, and we wish in return that at the end of the immersive musical learning and creating that you will have absorbed something which will be of help to you in your further musical studies, either abroad or back at home. You may wish to use OMWPA in two broad sense: a) to broaden your individual musical horizons, to explore musical possibilities which you had not realised existed, to imbibe a concentrated potion of learning which exists abroad, or b) to make contacts with other talents from back home, to ask questions of the outstanding tutors, to investigate the suitability of London/UK for your musical future.


Many major Classical composers were highly competent keyboard players, and most were also excellent improvisers and educators, in some cases utilizing musical elements from their own respective countries. At this course, you can learn not just about playing the piano, but also about composing, conducting, improvising, chamber music and something about the Baroque. You listen to performances and lectures from international artists, and experience London culturally. We also encourage you to explore the often contradictory musical traditions of East and West. So it is with much appreciation that these ideas have been collected together to form the Academy/Course which will take place this coming December. 

There is no doubt that after you have performed at the wonderful Menuhin Hall, and after you have recieved a signed Certificate of attendance, you will hopefully have gained a glimpse of future possibilities. We are delighted that you wish to benefit from this opportunity.

Thank you very much.

All best wishes,

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