Recorded Auditions 2020


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‘Recorded Auditions’ - OMWPA:

1) This ‘Recorded Auditions’ option is available to candidates.

2) High quality ‘Recorded Auditions’ with both visual and audio are preferred, but high quality audio-only recordings are also accepted.

3) The audio-only ‘Recorded Auditions’ must be verified with a signed letter from the candidate's teacher, showing the teacher's name and accurate contact details.

4) The ‘Recorded Auditions’ can be uploaded onto a video-hosting website such as YouKu, Tudou, YouTube, Vimeo etc (to be viewable only to OMWPA).

5) The ‘Recorded Auditions’ can be sent to a file-sharing software such as WeTransfer, DropBox, Box, Google Drive etc (to be viewable only to OMWPA).

6) The ‘Recorded Auditions’ may also be sent to a postal address, but this postal address would very likely be in the UK (United Kingdom).