2 Institute of Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) Partial Scholarships


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2 Partial Scholarships - IDEAS (Insititute of Democracy and Economic Affairs)
2 Partial Scholarships (each around GBP750 - depending on Ringgit-GBP exchange rate at date of decision) offered by IDEAS (Insititute of Democracy and Economic Affairs), to 2 Malaysians who:
a) have been/ are active in groups which contributed to/assisted underprivileged people (low income; handicapped; suffering from medical conditions) 
b) age, musical abilities, academic abilities, place of origin/residence are not to be considered as factors 
c) have been confirmed (by payment of 40% fee deposit) as Active Participants for OMWPA 2014 (from 'Recorded' & 'Live' Auditions)
d) Active Participants who have been selected to receive the 2 British-Malaysian (BMS) Partial Scholarships are not eligible
To apply, please supply:
a) cover letter - introducing yourself and stating detailing your application in brief
b) supporting documents - any documents which would suppport your application
Please e-mail your application/supporting documents to: [email protected], and we will then forward your documents to the administrator(s) of the 2 IDEAS Partial Scholarships. The decision made by the administrator(s) will be at his/her/their discretion, and cannot be challenged/disputed. 
DEADLINE for submission of supporting documents: Monday 13th October 2014.
Decision will be made before 2nd November 2014.
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