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OMWPA 2014
Registration & Audition 

OMWPA 2014 will run from Saturday 13th December to Tuesday 23rd December 2014. Students, teachers and parents are all welcome to participate in the Programme. Non-Malaysians are also welcome to participate. All the students will be collected from the airports and brought to the Yehudi Menuhin School where they will stay and study for the entire duration of the Programme. Please find on this page the Registration & Audition information.

Information on repertoire:
For advise on repertoire and further questions about the Programme, please contact us using the following:

e-mail: [email protected]
fax: +60 3 7784 0933 (for Malaysian applicants)

Details for Registration - please email: [email protected]
1) Full Name:
2) Gender:
3) Age:
4) Residing location:
5) Nationality:
6) Musical Qualifications:
7) Email address:
8) Mobile/Handphone number:
9) How you heard about OMWPA:

Criteria for Selection:
1) Grade 6 exam level and above (only for Malaysian applicants)
2) Applicants aged 9-23 years of age

Auditions Requirements:
1) Candidates must prepare a minimum of three musical works.
2) Candidates may also prepare a fourth musical work, but this is optional.
3) Candidates must make sure that all of these musical periods are represented in their audition programme: 1) Baroque, 2) Classical, 3) Romantic
4) The fourth musical work may be from any of the musical periods mentioned above, as well as Impressionist, Contemporary or Jazz.
5) A movement from a multi-movement musical work will be accepted as one of the musical work.
6) The maximum duration for the audition programme is 20 minutes in total.
7) Candidates are not required to fully memorize their audition programme.
8) Candidates are required to perform the audition programme they have put down as their pieces.

Audition deadlines:
- Malaysians - Monday 21st April
- Non-Malaysians, please e-mail [email protected] 

How to Audition 
- (for non-Malaysian applicants, please e-mail [email protected])
- (for Malaysian applicants, please see below)

How to Audition (for Malaysian applicants):
1) Please record your auditions on DVD(video) or CD(audio).
2) CD/Audio-only recordings must be accompanied by verifying letter signed by the candidate's teacher, showing the teacher's name and his/her accurate contact details.
3) All the recordings are to be marked ‘DVD RECORDED AUDITIONS’ or ‘AUDIO-ONLY RECORDED AUDITIONS’ and addressed to OMWPA 2014, and must be posted by end of Monday 21st April 2014 to:

20, Jalan Jasa 20,
(PJS 1/40) Taman Medan Pejasa,
6 1/2 Miles Old Klang Road,
46000 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia

4) Postage fees are to be borne by the sender. All submitted material will not be returned.
5) If the quality of the DVD or audio-only recording is very poor, the adjudicator(s) may stop the audition and disqualify the candidate.
6) Dress code for all the candidates must be smart for men, and appropriate smart dress for women. 

Audition fee (for Malaysian applicants):
1) A non-refundable payment of RM 70 is required for the DVD/CD recorded audition.
2) Payment must be made to the designated bank account by the end of Monday 21st April 2014.
3) Payment for this should be made ‘payable to ‘OMWPA 2014’ using the following account:

Benificiary: Minoyo
Bank: CIMB
Bank Account Number: 1013 - 0000195053

4) After paying, candidates are required to send a receipt of payment with his/her full name and date of transaction, by e-mail or fax. This is so that we can identify your payment.