OMWPA Gala Concert at the Menuhin Hall & Fazioli Pianos


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The Gala Concert at the Menuhin Hall - Tuesday 23rd December 2014Gala Concert OMWPA 2014 for Facebook
This concert would feature all 24 Active Participants (and a Special ‘Violin’ Student), and is the culmination of all the

Lessons, Lectures and Performances of OMWPA 2014. Each Active Participant would be performing for around 10 minutes in length, on a full-sized Fazioli Grand Piano. This Concert would be open to the public.

  • Each student will play one piece, around 10 minutes in length.

  • All performances must be from memory.

  • Please ensure that students will be dressed appropriately in concert gear.

CLICK for:
- Listing in the  Menuhin Hall Autumn/Winter 2014 Events Brochure
- 'Gala Concert 2014'  concert programme

Anyone wishing to attend/find out more may contact theAdministrator using these contact details:
[email protected] / 0797 181 7638 



Reflection in Menuhin Hall 2011 020


The Menuhin Hall (2006)
(click here for official website)

2006 RIBA Award2008 Civic Trust Commendation2006 BCI Small Building Project Award

A new concert hall in memory of Yehudi Menuhin built in the grounds of the school which he founded in Stoke D’Abernon, Surrey. The new building provides a foyer, bar, green rooms and an auditorium seating 330 people. 

The building is structured in steel, concrete and timber. A critical feature affecting the structural design is the M25 which is close by. To control noise levels a deep and heavy diaphragm roof is provided over the auditorium. The diaphragm has an outer layer of precast concrete panels and an inner layer of timber panelling separated by an air space. This is supported by a series of tied steel portals connected to form a space frame over the concert hall.

“In nearly two decade of British Construction Industry Awards few projects have come so close to matching all the winning criteria. The roof structure totally isolates the hall’s interior from the torrent of the M25 traffic roaring past within a few hundred metres. The acoustics are superb, there is an outstanding sense of quality in the auditorium.”


Photo - Jaques Samuel Pianos1

Mr Fazioli002Fazioli pianos 
(click here for 
official website)

The Fazioli factory is located in Sacile, 60 Km (35 miles) northeast of Venice in the northeastern part of Italy. The area is renowned for an ancient and prestigious tradition in woodworking.

From 'Luxist' (click here for more)
People who are serious about music -- piano music -- have most certainly heard the name Fazioli. It's a brand that's been quietly but steadily building a reputation for itself in the most exclusive of circles since the 1970s, and daring to give the well-established Steinway name a run for its money. The Fazioli line, which includes some of the most expensive pianos in the world, starts with an entry level 5'1" grand piano priced at $86,000 and tops out with their priciest creation, the Brunei, priced at $409,000. They also proudly sell the largest piano in the world, and many others with unique features and appearances. Great sounds meets great design? You be the judge.