What is included in OMWPA 2012?


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OMWPA 2012 consists of the following Classes, Performances & Lectures:

Classes (click here for more)
a) One-to-one piano tuition (click here for more)
b) Composition (click here for more)
c) Improvisation (click here for more)
d) Chamber music (click here for more)
e) Piano mechanics (click here for more)
f) Conducting (click here for more)

Evening Lectures (click here for more)
a) The Inner workings, Maintenance and Restoration of the Piano 
b) The Mystery of the Jazz Piano 
c) Gems from my time with the great Claudio Arrau 

Evening Recitals (click here for more)
a) Murray McLachlan 
b) Douglas Finch 
c) Anthony Hewitt 
d) Student Improvisation concert led by Professor Douglas Finch 

Activities  (click here for more)
a) London Cultural Day-Out 

Final Event  (click here for more)
a) Gala Concert 

Improvements from 2010, for 2012:

There would be some positive changes to this year's OMWPA. Learning from experiences in 2010, the Group Classes this year would be divided up into smaller Cells, for better and more effective teaching. As a result, for 2012, there would now be 2 more Improvisation Classes, 4 more Chamber Music Classes, and 2 more Piano Mechanics Classes. The 2 East & West Composition Classes, have now been replaced by 4 Conducting Classes. So there would be 10 extra Group Classes in 2012.

For 2012, as well as the evening piano recitals from the Professors, there would now be 3 new Lectures/Demonstrations: 1) a Lecture on 'Piano Making, Tuning, Restoring and Upkeep', 2) a Lecture on the 'Social Aspects of Music' with reference to Venuzuela's 'El Sistema' programme, and 3) a Lecture on Approaches to piano playing. In addition to these, there would also be an 'Improvisation Concert by the Participants' led by Professor Douglas Finch. 

For the Gala Concert on Sunday 23rd December 2012 at the Menuhin Hall, the Fazioli Piano would again be used, and as well as the usual Certificate of Attendance, there would now be a 'Performance Report' given to each Participant.